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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  August 11, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> i didn't know her and i know that the other gentlemen involved didn't know her and -- but she was very appreciative and thanked me over and over. >> reporter: in annapolis, cheryl conner, abc2 news. >> the woman was not seriously injured. aaron gray faces charges of robbery, theft, false statement and assault. police say he initially lied about his name. new developments tonight in a serious car crash in annapolis. a 17-year-old boy in critical condition. this happened in spa road and harness creek road. police say the boy was traveling in a volkswagen jetta, failed to negotiate a curb and struck a tree. and then another car following the volkswagen also couldn't make the turn and crashed striking a different tree. police say both drivers were speeding. a man dead tonight after a bizarre mowing accident near haggarstown. it happened last night after 8:00. maryland state police say carrie was mowing his lawn on a hillside when the mower rolled over and on top of him and it
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pinned him underneath it. the 42-year-old was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. looking at news around the nation tonight, a michigan doctor accused of the unthinkable, diagnosing and mistreating cancer patients. the doctor is behind bars tonight considered a flight risk. prosecutors say it was a scheme to fill tens of millions of dollars from medicare. federal agents arrested him last week and raided his office seizing documents from several locations. families of the alleged victims say when their loved ones didn't respond to treatment, he wasn't willing to stop the drugs. >> from the time that my father began getting the chemotherapy, his health deteriorated, worse and worse all the time. >> an oncology nurse who used to work for the doctor complained about his practices back in 2010. she says she was very concerned about the way patients were receiving chemotherapy.
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the doctor's attorney says his client is innocent and that the feds have been duped by disgruntled employees. funeral services held over the weekend for the two ung boys killed by a 100-pound python. nearly 1000 people attended the service in campbellton new bucks wick -- new brunswick for the boys. they were laid to rest together in a single blue casket. they were killed earlier this week by a large african rock python that escaped from a glass enclosure. the boys were at a sleepover when they were killed. their friend's father actually owns the exotic pet store housed below the apartment where they were staying. a florida woman survived a close call this morning after a car slammed right into her home. she was sleeping in her bedroom when the car came barreling in. the woman remembers waking up against a closet. the family dog was stuck under the bed. >> we got the dog out from
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underneath the bed and then i looked at this car in my room and went and pushed the buttons for the fire department. >> small plastic sliders placed under the legs of the bed may have saved the woman's life when the car came through the wall and hit the bed, the sliders helped move it forward keeping the wall from falling on top of her. the local sheriff's department is investigating tonight because of that crash. two very nice days this weekend. the threat of showers held off in most places, but will our luck hold out for the workweek? i'm not feeling so lucky about that but let's check in with mike masco. >> no, unfortunately all good things have to come to an end. tonight is really a nice night, muggy but otherwise clear, not seeing any precip on our maryland's most powerful. way up towards the north and that's where we do find some scattered showers and thunderstorms, most of this stays on the p.a. side, there could be a spot shower tonight but we are not headlining that, just a blend of stars and clouds.
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70 right now in coffeesville, downtown a warm 79 degrees and 70s out towards the eastern shore. your planner for the rest of tonight will be around 70 degrees, we will keep a chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm in the forecast but that's going to be well north of the city, right on the maryland-pennsylvania line. tomorrow a muggy day, 80 degrees but showers and thunderstorms move back in. we will time the arrival coming up in a little bit. >> thanks a lot. the ravens hit the field tonight for oprah at energy bank stadium but the players weren't the only heroes in the building. we go inside military appreciation night with the ravens. >> reporter: from ray rice to elvis dumervil, the old and the new ravens hit m&t bank stadium to showcase team 2013. this free practice allowed fans to get up close and personal with their favorite players and also honor our military men and women. >> great day. we have been in partnership with the ravens obviously there
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are soldiers and airmen who have served around the world, they have taken the interest in the ravens wherever they have been. >> reporter: the annual military appreciation day gave the ravens and fans an opportunity to say thank you. about 3500 special seats were reserved for active service members and their families. thomas mcdonough and his family enjoyed the well deserved special treatment. >> and i'm proud. it's great that everybody in america loves our military, it's really good to be honored, especially on the -- at the football game when we've got all these stars like joe flacco, ray rice, everybody is great. >> reporter: ravens players get back to work tomorrow preparing for their next preseason game against the atlanta falcons on thursday. at m&t bank stadium, preston mitchum, abc2 news. >> a new addition to the champs tonight. they added another wide receiver to the roster and his name might sound familiar.
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brandon stokley drafted by the team. he helped the ravens win their first super bowl and he spent last season with the denver broncos. his deal is just for one season at this point. talk about other birds tonight, the orioles picked up a win on the road in san fran. j.j. hardy hit a home run in the 7th inning to put the os ahead for good. and after that, the runs just kept on coming. by the end of the eighth, 7-2, then adam jones, a 3-1 homer in the ninth capped it off. the orioles beat the giants 10- 2. now they will face the diamondbacks tomorrow night. no orleans were involved in major league baseball's latest doping scandal but very big names from other teams were like alex rodriguez. what kind of impact is the scandal having on some of the young guys in baseball? and no, it wasn't halloween. it's otakon. we are going to take you to the
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annual convention. bring you downtown at 11:00, it's a pretty steamy, muggy 75 degrees, humidity returns and so does the chance for a couple of scattered showers and thunderstorms. i'm meteorologist mike masco. your full maryland seven-day forecast is coming up on the station that works for you, abc2 news at 11:00.
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new information tonight about the multistate man hunt for an alleged killer and kidnapper on the west coast and how it came to an end. a group of wilderness trackers who helped bring the search to the end are talking tonight. their keen observations likely saved of life of hannah anderson. john muller tells us how horseback riders helped bring down james demaggio. >> reporter: 16-year-old hannah anderson is being reunited with her father sunday night, exactly one week after her kidnapper allegedly killed her brother and mother inside a house near san diego and then torched it. the teenager is safe, thanks to
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four alert horseback riders in idaho. on wednesday they crossed paths with anderson and her abductor, 40-year-old james demaggio. >> she had a scared look on her face when i first come up the trail but then when i turned and talked to him a little bit, just had a gut feeling about him. >> reporter: that something was very wrong, a suspicion confirmed news report one day later. >> the news flashed on and an amber abert was on -- alert was on the television and i told my wife that is that girl we seen on the mountain. >> reporter: they called police. a posse of 200 law enforcement officers jumped into action. a plane spotted the fugitive and his kidnapped victim. an fbi hostage rescue team dropped from a black hawk helicopter and hiked for more than two hours closing in on the suspect. the fbi will not say what happened next except that demaggio was given every chance to surrender before he was
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shot. she was rescued thanks in part to a group of outdoor enthusiasts who sensed she may be in danger. >> for us to be there at the precise to interact with them is one chance in a trillion. >> reporter: john muller, abc news, new york. a 2-year-old rhode island boy kidnapped from a home where police discovered two bodies has been found. isaiah perez was tracked down tonight but we haven't been given a whole lot of details on this one. they will say he is in good health. two men were arrested ithe double homicide. investigators are working now to determine the relationship between the boy, his abductors and the two people that were killed. in tonight's consumer alert, a second round of the housing crisis is hitting maryland. the backlog of delinquent loans now moving into foreclosure, baltimore has the largest share of foreclosures in the state but other areas like eastern shore are also being hit hard after having one of the lowest
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foreclosure rates, the washington post reports maryland has now jumped to third in the nation. the second busiest shopping season of the year in full swing tonight and you can now buy certain items and keep a little extra cash in your pocket. tax-free week started today. clothes and shoes totaling less than $100 artax-free through saturday. now, it really is perfect timing for parents trying to buy some of the back-to-school clothes. >> with school coming up, it's good to save any money we can, so i know that clothing under $100 is included and it's starting today, so that's why we came out. left the husband at home to do a little girl shopping. >> the maryland retailer association crunched the numbers and says the average family spends $600 on back-to- school shopping and the biggest chunk of your cash will go toward new clothes for the school year. we hope you're going to pick up a few things to help local students in need.
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abc2 is partnering with the young school in the preston junior foundation for our annual back-to-school supply drive and here's how you can help out. simple. we are looking for things like backpacks, pens, pencils, three- ring binders, paper. head to supplies for a list of all the drop-off locations and you have until august 22nd to donate. caught on camera, some unbelievable images of flooding coming from out west. look at this, water trapped, drivers in their cars, a 70- year-old colorado man who fell out of his car during the flash floods was saved by a good samaritan, also helped to be a medic. a massive cleanup now getting started. a muddy mess left behind. this area of colorado hit by floods left vulnerable after being scorched by a wildfire last year. that is some amazing video. and now from abc2, maryland's most accurate
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forecast. >> bring you downtown right now, really nothing doing across central maryland. feels a little muggier out there in comparison to where we were last night, 74 at bwi, dew points up there at around 66, so things are looking good on the statistics. planner should remain pretty quiet other than maybe an isolated shower or thunderstorm well north of the city, i think we will see a blend of stars and clouds. 71 tomorrow morning when we wake up, a blend of sunshine and clouds, could be some patchy fog to the north of the city and then tomorrow going to be a muggy feel, 88 degrees will max out for your daytime high and scattered showers and thunderstorms could develop. not an all day washout type of deal but there could be a couple of those hit-and-miss showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. talk about that coming up. 85 today, that's what we maxed out to, 99 was set back in 1994 was 100 at noon. cooler to the north and west, upper 60s and 75 in chestertown
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so uniformly into the 70s and dew point values starting to climb so, you know, pretty comfortable all weekend long, things are going to change by monday morning, you're going to feel that more soupy air mass that will be on top of us. this is maryland's most powerful weather radar, baltimore's most powerful radar for the entire state. things quiet. up to north and west, scattered showers and storms, maybe into york, dallas town you may deal with a scattered shower or thunderstorm tonight as the storm system moves off to the east. isolated situation. we are going to have to wait for some more storms that will fire up along the boundary, stationary boundary and more storms out to the north and west, that will head in our direction by tuesday. a soupy mess. dew points into the 70s, 60s up towards the north and where we do find the stationary boundary, this is going to be the focus for those scattered showers and thunderstorms both on monday and also for your day on tuesday. we do think, though, tuesday is going to be a little more active than monday. the reason being is this front that is situated over the great
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lakes will die south and that's going to kind of enhance the rain chances, heavy rain situation for tuesday, clap or two of thunder, not expecting severe weather and then below average temperatures by the midweek, wait until you see the seven-day forecast. so tomorrow temperatures into the 80s, hit and miss scattered showers and thunderstorms but you notice futureradar trying to pick up on stronger storms that will enter the picture as we get into your day on tuesday. it's the tropical season, there has not been much activity. however, i have noticed there is a huge wave just off the west coast of africa. we are going to have to monitor this wave but the one problem i can see happening is there was a tremendous amount of dust and sand that's being blown off the sahara desert. that's why i don't think the development will be, well, pretty quick to happen over the central atlantic. we will watch it, though, this week and talk again around monday and tuesday. maryland's most accurate saying 69 tonight, patchy fog to develop, an ice late shower and -- isolated shower and thunderstorm. if you do get clear skies, may see a couple of shooting stars.
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87 degrees for tomorrow, sunshine and clouds, muggy, maybe a thunderstorm. here's maryland's most accurate seven-day forecast. once we get through monday and tuesday's hit-and-miss showers and thunderstorms deal, it will be 81 by wednesday with overnight lows into the 50s. it is going to be beautiful by the midweek. but that's way below average. we should be into the middle 80s, we will be low 80s for daytime highs. going to be gorgeous. you can turn the ac off. we have to get through monday and tuesday. >> okay. we can do this. >> we can do it. >> we got it. >> that will be fine. new at 11:00 tonight, young athletes with the dreams of making it in the big leagues, we have heard so much about baseball, feeling the pressure to perform and the doping scandal shaking up the major league is causing concern. >> one young athlete with a famous name says he's chasing his dream the right way. adriana house talks with the other a rod. >> i play second base. >> reporter: a name on that for this high school athlete was a
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big coincidence and an inspiration. this young ball player dreams to one day make it to the major leagues. >> i was 4 years old when i started. baseball was my life. >> reporter: he says he felt a huge disappointment when he learned about the doping accusations in the mbl, a scandal that led to the suspension of several well known ball players including a rod, who is now appealing the suspension. >> i was mad, sad. he was my favorite player. >> reporter: then again says this student athlete, doping is nothing new, even among high school students who feel the pressure to perform above average. >> i hear about it in high school, the people that want to get big and make it strongly going to college or pro, they want to try to use in high school. >> reporter: there have been claims that the south florida clinic linked to the alleged doping in mbl was also providing illegal substances to high school athletes, exacerbated the concern and the need to take further action. in an aggressive move to protect teens from the threat
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of performance enhancing drugs, the florida high school athletic association recently asked its policy experts to look over existing policies to see if revisions were needed to further prevent the use of illegal substances among high school athletes. alex rodriguez says his strategy is clear. >> hard work, hard work, sweat, dedication, if you don't have it, then it's hard to make it. >> sounds like he's on the right track. we will be right back.
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we are working for you right now at if you were downwn this weekend, you may have noticed a huge costume party. thousands of folks dressed in their favorite characters from asian pop culture. otakon back for its 20th year and abc2 news eric nielsen was there. >> reporter: young adults acting out what is usually reserved for halloween. >> the makeup this morning took me about three hours to do. >> reporter: this is her sixth otakon. >> gathering for everyone who likes the same things, a little community in the grand scheme of things such a sub genre which means when you get everyone together you've got a sense of community you don't get anywhere else. >> reporter: this started off at 20 people and grown to 30,000 from people all over the country.
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>> i'm from north carolina. >> new jersey. >> you got all these people, they like the same thing as you, it's a fantastic vibe and fantastic feeling. >> reporter: when the convention is over, all these characters will return to the printed page or the video game or the internet in which they were created and tabitha will go back to her life as a student. >> everyone here does so many different things, it's fantastic. >> reporter: at the 2013 otakon in baltimore, eric nielsen, abc2 news. >> looks like thousands of people who come for that every year. it is huge. in a few years it's actually going to be leaving baltimore and heading to that other place, d.c., 2017 they are going to move there because we are going to -- they need more space. they have outgrown our convention center. so that's not good news. >> freaking out with all that paint. >> whatever floats your boat. >> guess so. let's talk about your forecast today. >> we need need a boat hopefully. >> no, no. tonight gorgeous. if you can get some clear skies, there's a meteor shower.
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>> fireworks? >> no. those are meteors. >> okay. >> 88 for tomorrow, 85 for tuesday. drier, beautiful by the midweek. we will have more on good morning maryland starting at 4:30. we are back right after this. [ male announcer ] you know what's so awesome about the internet? it gets more and more entertaining every day. and once you've got verizon fios, that's when you get it -- america's fastest, most reliable internet takes your entertainment to ridiculous levels. i was streaming videos, movies, music. once i realized how fast it was, that's when i got it. [ male announcer ] and now you can get it too, for just $89.99 a month guaranteed for 2 years, plus your choice of a $300 gift card or a $300 visa prepaid card with a 2-year agreement. technology that makes life more entertaining, call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's powerful. at 800.974.6006 tty/v.
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